Why 5* star hygiene rating has never been more important.

In today’s world, it isn’t often that potential customers will go ahead and buy something or book somewhere to visit without reading what other people think about it. Reviews are key to customer buying decisions and as much as the odd one or two negative reviews probably won’t do too much harm (especially if there’s lots of positive reviews), consistently failing in one or more area – and your customers talking about it on social media or review sites – won’t do your business any favours.


The same goes for your hygiene rating. Proudly displaying your 5* certificate in your window and on your website will help to keep a steady stream of hungry customers at your door. But anything less, and it could dent your reputation, and your bottom line.


Hygiene ratings are given out by local council registered Environmental Health Officers (EHO) to eateries, bars and food manufacturers and shops. They reflect the standards of food hygiene on your premises and are not a guide to the quality, taste, presentation or value for money of your food.


Switched on customers want good food, great ambience and a fair price, but they also want to know that their food has been prepared safely and hygienically so that it won’t make them ill. What’s more, perhaps now more than ever, in a world now accustomed to being more aware of cleanliness amidst and after the coronavirus pandemic, your customers want to know that your premises are clean, well maintained and free from health risks.


A 5* food hygiene rating tells the world that your hygiene standards are very good. This means that you’ve been rated as high as possible for your food handling, storage and preparation as well as how clean your facilities are and how well you manage food safety risks. This more than anything is what potential paying customers want to see. Once they’ve decided they want your type of cuisine, it’s then down to reputation. And you don’t need us to tell you how important a good reputation is or how a steady influx of custom will lift your business.


Without regularly attracting returning and new customers, it’s difficult to stand out among the noise on the high street or on online food delivery platforms. Plus, if you supply to food businesses, it’s vital that your hygiene reputation is good in order to get orders through the door.


Your food business is your passion and perhaps even your life’s’ work. So the last thing you need is to be under par when it comes to hygiene and food safety standards. Mud sticks, and having a reputation for being unhygienic isn’t the reputation your business needs. Even if someone new to your end of town happens across you, if you’re displaying anything less than five stars, and with competition high, the chances are, they’ll walk, or scroll, on by.


Here at Food Safety Club, we offer food hygiene audits that help businesses just like yours achieve a good rating or improve or maintain your existing one. With over 8 years’ experience, we know exactly what it takes to get your food business the hygiene rating you deserve so get in touch today! 

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